The Refugee Folkloric Group “I Adouloti” Shakalli, successfully participated the 32nd International Dance and Music Festival SIVO, that took place in Odoorn of Netherlands from 2 until 8 of August 2016. This Festival had more than 10 dancing groups from different countries all over the world. The Group with a delegation of more than 30 people - dancers, musicians, escorts - presented traditional Cypriot dances and performed Cypriot songs, and Greek ‘laika’ dances; a ‘Syrtaki’ dance seminar was also given. Additionally the members of the Group cooked traditional Cypriot recipes for the participants of the Festival. A special place was set up by the members of the Group at the Festival grounds, where the visitors had the chance to get souvenirs from Cyprus and also to be informed by the delegation members about the history, culture and the Cyprus Problem.
It was a great honor for the delegation to participate in the Gala Performances, with a vast number of visitors/spectators in a specially formed tent. The Group also participated in various smaller presentations, performances and parades.
Besides the multi-level promotion of the Cypriot culture, the members managed to give the best image of Cypriot and made new friendships with the local communities in the area of Odoorn, Netherlands especially with their ‘host families’ from Ter Apel.
This private initiative of the Group, worthily represented Cyprus and showed the love for the culture and tradition of the island.