The amount of approximately €9.077 was given to the Charity Support Company for Destitute Families 'AGKALIAZO'

The Refugee Folkoric Group 'I ADOULOTI' Shakalli, after a series of performances called "Daskale i klironomia sou" which were dedicated to the life and work of late founder and danceteacher of the Group Mikis Shakallis, submitted the amount of €9.077 to the Charity Support Company for Destitute Families 'AGKALIAZO'. The amount was raised from the selling of tickets of the performances.

The symbolic action of giving the check took place on Friday, April 11th 2014 at the Nicosia Grocery Store (former Municipality), from the president of theGroup's Council Mr Christos Shakallis to the the president of the Charity Company Mrs Elena Giorkatzi.

The production "Daskale i klironomia sou" (Teacher your legacy) was a team effort that everyone devoted their soul. The six-member orchestra under the direction of Koulis Theodorou with their sounds; more than 80 dancers that passed from Mikis Shakallis dancing guidance from the 70's till now who wore their costumes once more and danced his choreographies and more in order to pay their respects to the late danceteacher. Also participated in the performance, the singers Michalis Terlikkas and Annita Constantinou, the actors Iacovos Hadjivasili, Maria Micahel and Maria Fiaka. The artistic direction of the production belonged to Mikis daugther and choreographer, Mrs Elena Shakalli.

The formation of the group came out of the necessity of the artist and man, Miki Shakalli, to offer to the people more in need; that is why this specially dedicated production about his life and work had a charity character. It was decided from all the participants and organizers to give all the net incomes from the ticket sellings, to be given to 'AGKALIAZO'.