10 Oct 2015

Kathodos ap ton Olympo
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Performances of the Refugee Fokloric Group "I Adouloti" Shakalli from 17 to 21 of November 2015

The Refugee Fokloric Group "I Adouloti" Shakalli is celebrating this year 40 years of existence. In order to honour this important anniversary, the Group will present in five performances, the theatrical, dance musical "Kathodos ap' ton Olympo" (Descent from Olympus). The script and direction of this play belongs to Kyros Rossides and will take place in Strovolos Municipal Theatre from 17 to 21 of November.
The performances will dedicated to the memory of the late founder and dance-teacher, choreographer Mikis Shakallis. Participants will be members of the Group from 1975 until today.
Part of the net revenue from the performances will be given to the charity society "Alkyonides" and for the establishment of the PANSOF community for  children with special abilities/needs.
The performances will be under the auspices of the honorary Minister of Education and Culture, Dr Costas Kadis.

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